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This site contains the core teachings of Loving Sober™.

We’ve just LAUNCHED our new BOOK!!!

Click here To get the iBook for IPAD   or   Click Here to Download PDF   is available FREE to anyone who wishes to improve his or her relationships, especially, a love relationship. No part of this book may be copied or posted without permission of the author. Through your donations, others will have the opportunity to learn this transformational practice. Click on the “Resources” button to find these and other Loving Sober™ books and materials.

If you would like to further explore this process, audios, videos, retreats, classes and further illustrations and information about individualized 12-week programs, are available here simply click on “Resources”  ——–>


7 Responses to Home

  1. Loving Sober Team says:

    Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to Download :-)

  2. edward moore says:

    thanks for all the time and effort. i know this is a labor of loving sober. (no pun intended.)

  3. Matt Ima says:

    Looking forward to rereading the book on my iPad and sending people to this site! Congratulations and blessings for sharing your work.

  4. Baddi - Iceland says:

    Just downloaded the PDF – looking forward to spending time with you in spirit Jay and enjoying your love :)

  5. Adell Shay says:

    Congratulations, My One Great Love!! This book is absolutely fantastic! Learning, then demonstrating the Loving Sober Principles absolutely transformed our functional marriage to one beyond our wildest dreams. It continues to be the foundation through which Love is expressed a little more fully each day.

    For goodness sakes, download this, read it and apply it!! – The author walks the talk and for that, I am forever grateful. – (Adell, wife of Jay Stinnett)

  6. Jiva says:

    want to read on an iPhone. curious to know how this isn’t possible.

    • Loving Sober Team says:

      Hi Jiva,
      It is possible, There are two options for downloading… the button you want to choose is the second “Click here to Download PDF” That works for all types of technology 😉 Enjoy!!

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